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Frequently asked questions

I’m new to fitness, are these programs for me?

Short answer, yes. Longer answer, we certainly hope so! We offer 4 premiere programs so you can choose the program or programs that best suit your goals and needs. The biggest difference our programs make is THE SUPPORT difference. Our certified coaches are here to teach, guide, support, and push you to achieve your goals in a connected and fun community!

What are the requirements to train with Inspired Method?

In order to train with us, we ask that you be at least 15 years of age, heart healthy, and physician approved for exercise. We need to know if you have any limitations, injuries, health complications, or have had recent surgeries.

How do I find a class schedule?

The class schedule looks like this… -Bootcamp: Mon, Wed, Fri @ 6am, 7:30am, 9am PST at Palisades Park, Santa Monica, CA.
-2-Pillar Challenge: Tues, Thurs @ 8am & 9am PST offered exclusively online.
-Inspired Yoga: Sunset Sessions: Mon, Wed @ 6:30pm PST at Palisades Park, Santa Monica, CA. -Saturday Sweat Series: Sat, 9:00am PST. Location varies, as this is a series of workshops. Our full class schedule and more class info is located on the REGISTER page of the site. How long is each class?
-Bootcamp = 1 hour
-2-Pillar Challenge = 50 mins
-Inspired Yoga = 50 mins -Saturday Sweat Series = 50mins

Do I have to wait until the start of a 7-week session to join?

NO YOU DON’T! You can join our programs at any time during the 7-week session.

I want to join but cannot commit to a full 7 weeks. What now?

You still have options! You can drop into a class, purchase packages (of 10 and 14 workouts) which you can use the workouts anytime during the corresponding 7-week session, or register for the whole 7-week session.

How do I determine which program(s) are for me?

Step 1: Check in with self. Are you heart healthy and approved for fitness?
Step 2: Contemplate your goals.
-Do you want to focus on building strength while staying home? -2-Pillar. -Do you want well rounded full body workouts? - Bootcamp -Do you really need to increase flexibility while ridding your body of aches and tension? - Kinstretch Step 3: Invest in yourself and go for it! You deserve this! Still have questions?
-Reach out to a certified coach at

Where exactly does Bootcamp meet?

Inspired Bootcamp meets at Palisades Park, Santa Monica on Ocean Ave and Palisades Ave. We meet by the BIG rose garden. You can’t miss us! Address: 699 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA

What supplies do I need?

Bootcamp: You’ll need a yoga mat or towel, water bottle, a set of hand weights (ladies 5-10, fellas 8-20lbs), a foam roller, and a heart rate monitor (optional). 2-Pillar Challenge: You’re going to need a mat or towel, a set of hand weights (ladies 5-10, fellas 8-20lbs), your water bottle, and a stable internet connection. The workouts are best viewed on a laptop or TV (connect your laptop via HDMI cable). Inspired Yoga: Sunset Sessions: You'll need is a mat or beach towel, yoga blocks, and stretch straps. Saturday Sweat Series: Since this is a rotating class, gear is specified based on activity. You'll receive an email with gear details once you register for this class.

What are my chances of getting into a class on the waitlist?

You’ve got a shot! Definitely sign up for the waitlist as spots open up all the time. We’re excited to meet you!

Is there a way to workout/watch previous online workouts?

YES! Inspired Method has full-length workouts available for you to view anytime on our YouTube channel: There's also a library of workout content on our social media platforms, plus LIVE segments on IGTV where we deep-dive into the 4 Pillars. Follow us at: Instagram: @inspiredmethodfitness Facebook: @InspiredMethodFitness

What is Inspired Method doing to keep their students and staff safe during COVID-19?

1) Social Distancing - At the park, we’re distancing our mats at least 6 ft apart, using multiple grass areas, and running in loop form to avoid air cross over.
2) If You Feel Ill - Please be smart, stay home, communicate with your coach
3) Contactless Training - Your coach cannot touch you, your gear or equipment, nor any other Bootcamper. No touching of any kind, sorry.
4) Limited Capacity - We will cap all classes at 15 participants. Other’s must remain on wait list.
5) Extra Sanitation - Your coach will have hand sanitizer and/or wipes on him/her at all times. Please bring your own as well.
6) Mask Wearing Policies - Fully vaccinated participants are not required to wear a face covering. These rules may change based on the CDC's guidelines.