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swimsuit edition

Love or hate the name, this program is all about consistent training, goal accountability, and food!

This program offers the perfect opportunity to get excited about bathing suit season again regardless of your age, size, or fitness level. 

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the workouts

Your fitness program objectives are:



(Highly recommended)

Objectives are:


nutrition program

Your fitness program objectives are:

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How To Start

1) Go grocery shopping this weekend. Get rid of all the sweets, chips, and crap in your pantry and commit to being better! Then, keep your goals in mind to buy fresh, clean, and real food only at the grocery store.

2) Meal prep. Every Sunday I dedicate two hours in the middle part of the day to cook chicken breasts, ground turkey, (other proteins), and prep my veggies for my week. It’s an investment, yes, but it’s also so inspiring knowing that I’m doing the right stuff to reach my goals.

3) Too busy or hate cooking? Visit and use promo code INSPIRED15 to save 15% off your healthy food order. We’ve dedicated three healthy food plans to Inspired Method and those are Keto to the Kore, Paleo | Gluten Free, and Plant Based. You get to select your portion sizes, frequency, and then succeed!

4) Start food journaling.
- Write down what you ate
- What time you ate it
- How much of it you ate

Journaling & Accountability

Bring your journal with you to class OR Bootcamp everyday and I + (our nutritionist) will check journals before or after classes. There will be no journal checking during workout time. We’re here to help - USE US. This session – I am asking more from you. I’m asking for more because I believe in your ability and you deserve to feel exceptional in your own skin/bathing suit ALL SUMMER! I’m going to challenge and push you, but add a crazy amount of Jared love and support and this program is just what your body needs and your mind wants. Is 7 weeks enough time to look like your 19 again? No. And why would you want to? We're wiser, better, and have more resources! But 7 weeks is enough time to transform your present self into the most empowered, strong, and lean version of YOU that you’ve felt in years!


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