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measure, manage, master

A message from Master Trainer, Sara Adler

How do we know we’re making progress within our own lives, within our fitness goals, or within our workouts?

A few examples are…

  • Your form is improving on that one move you’ve never loved. But nowwwwww…

  • Your overall strength is increasing.

  • You even notice the range of motion within your joints feels more fluid or free.

  • Maybe you look forward to the challenges during class.


session dates


This 7-week session will run from Sept 26th - Nov 11th.


Oct 24th - Oct 29th*

*Bring a guest for completely FREE, all week!

saturday sweat series


Saturday Sweat Series is here in a major way!


You can get excited to see Saturday classes offered weeks 2-7 with chances to take from all of your favorite Inspired Coaches. You’ll be guided each Saturday through a workout designed to compliment the main session, M3. Stay tuned!