Pillar I

We define Mobility as the ability to actively control one’s body through accessible range of motion. It is the backbone of the Inspired Method.

Mobility is...

- Dynamic/Active Stretch

- Controlled Articular Rotations (CAR's)

- Foam Rolling

- Animal Flow


With respect, Mobility is not...

- Flexibility 
- Yoga 
- Pilates 
- Static stretch 


Pillar II

Inspired Method Strength is defined as the ability to contract force against resistance maximally or over a sustained period of time.


Strength consists of...

- Techniques such as static, supersets, drop-set, ladder, etc
- Improving bone density, metabolic rate, body fat loss

- Proper recovery techniques

Strength is not...

- Only for men

- Bulking up

- Decreasing mobility 


Pillar III

Cardio is defined as the capacity of the heart and lungs to deliver blood and oxygen to working muscles. Tear down walls? You can and you will. 

Cardio means we're...

- Learning to use an approved heart rate monitor
- Using stairs, inclines, beach paths, grass, and plyometrics
- Feeling light, centered, strong

Cardio is not...

- Only for "good' runners

- The primary ticket to fat loss

- Effective only in HIIT style


Pillar IV

We define Lifestyle as the ability to change something you do daily in order to achieve goals, fulfillment, and balance. Your constant source of inspo!

Lifestyle is about...

- Eating for lean, not comfort

- Learning the importance of recovery, rest, and hydration
- Your breath. Learn to unleash your inner peace and power 

Lifestyle is not...

- Comparing your journey with someone else's

- Getting stuck in fear

- You can, you will 

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