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Mar 11th - May 3rd, 2024

Our Spring 2024 theme is called, The Elevated Athlete!


This 8-week training program is designed to help you learn, practice, build, improve, gain massive confidence, and shine within each of our 4-pillars (mobility, strength, cardio, lifestyle).


Regarding Mobility [pillar I], we’re geared up to teach and build mastering with our CARS and dynamic stretching practice. This will allow us to move injury further away resulting in more pain-free training, quicker recovery, and a better utilization of our bodies.


Strength [pillar II], we’re encouraging our members to increase their weight size while we build muscle using supersets and other effective muscle split styled workouts.


For Cardio [pillar III], we'll practice forefoot striking to improve our running as well as build stronger running muscles so cardio becomes a superpower. We'll also continue to integrate cardio into our main work blocks. 


For Lifestyle [pillar IV] we’re going to lean into the buddy system offering them more partner workouts with accountability. 

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