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My 4-Pillar System

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Food 411. Inspired Mindset. Training Assets.

Pro Tips on Food

  • [Reminder] eat clean & real food only. The processed, fatty, canned, frozen, and fried food you're eating is one of the biggest reasons why you're feeling stuck and stale. 

  • In general, your goal is to eliminate alcohol, sugar, and fat from your daily intake. The less of those things you consume the easier it is to reinvent your energy and even develop a 6-pack. 

  • One of the many reasons why clean eating is SO HARD is because you're focused on the wrong thing. Remember, whatever you focus on, you feel.

  • If you're focused on what you have to give up, what you can't have, how hard you need to work, etc - this just won't work. But, if you focus on where you want to go, what you're gaining, and how amazing you're going to look and feel, this process gets fun and achievable. What have you been focusing on?

Healthy Food
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Pro Tips on Mindset

"No one is coming to save you, to give you permission, to choose you, or validate you. This has always been your job. You must love yourself so fiercely and fully that you have no choice but to be strong for yourself, to fight for yourself, to be yourself, and build yourself."


- Cara Leyba 

  • There is no such thing as the "perfect" time to start. The weather, economy, your significant other, a 'God-sent' feeling, or the easter bunny won't all perfectly line up to give you permission to now start. You have to decide to take massive action despite the imperfect conditions. When you do, you empower yourself to succeed! 

  • The hardest step is that first step toward greatness - but then 10 years has passed and now you're looking back wishing you would have done something about it sooner. Don't let that person be you.

  • Start running your day instead of your day running you.

Pro Tips on Training

  • Proper form and consistent breathing are more important than heavy lifting.

  • Want to stay young for as long as you're alive? Strength train and Mobility train. 

  • When you're short on time and desperately need a great sweat - select 4 different exercises and perform each for 45 seconds. Work to get 3-4 rounds of each move in and if there's still time, select another 4 and keep going! 

  • I don't recommend training every single day. Having at least one day to rest is imperative for overall strength, metabolic, and cardiovascular gains. Rest days are vastly underrated. I highly recommend them. 

  • Life is full of pain. It's certain in this life but there are different types of pain. The pain you experience during your workout is the pain we should fall in love with. That's the productive pain because it's on your terms and is only making you stronger. That's easy compared to the pain you could feel if you have life regrets, failing health, or a lack of self-love. 

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