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Company HIIT

Inspired Method's Workplace Wellness program specializes in full body, high intensity, and body-weighted workouts designed to match with all fitness levels.


We begin with mobility flows and breathing techniques which ignite our minds and expand our bodies. Then, our certified coaches lead strength, core, and cardio options building an incredible sweat elevating your ability to live in the moment.


Finally, we wrap class with Q&A so your staff can take away our best tricks and tips. These classes are offered both in-person and virtually. Apply today! 

Company Mobility & Breathwork Classes

Mobility is the ability to feel physically free, open, and strong in our bodies. That's not a luxury, it's a necessity since most of us sit down in front of our computers for a living. We want to take your company down that physically liberating and inspiring journey. 


Breath work gets us out of our heads and into our bodies resulting in less stress, higher clarity, more productivity, and a damn impactful experience!


We lead mobility & breath work classes/workshops for at-desk achievers, busy professionals, staff, small and large teams. These experiences are offered both in-person and virtually. Apply today! 

Fitness & Wellness Challenges

It's all about providing incredible value to you and your team for elevated company success! 


As a way to boost company culture, build colleague camaraderie, and encourage healthy habits, we've created themed wellness and fitness challenges just for you.


With fitness challenges like Member Manifesto and Sweat Series, your team will not only get healthier but will build deeper rapport. We've also got lifestyle challenges like Pillar Points and Superhero Mode to help your team sleep better, start meditating, and choose healthier food options. This is one of our most popular selections! Apply today! 


Our Clients Say

Kyle Barbato, Founder at Mavericks

"I am thrilled to share my exceptional experience with Jared Rodriguez and the Inspired Method. As Founder and CEO of Mavericks, I had the privilege of collaborating with Jared and witnessing the incredible impact he had on our team during various engagements. With great enthusiasm and a polished approach, Jared has been instrumental in fostering inspiration, motivation, and a healthy mindset within our organization. First and foremost, Jared's keynote speech at our company offsite in Las Vegas was nothing short of remarkable. His ability to captivate the audience with his magnetic presence and empowering message left a lasting impression on all attendees. His insights and perspectives on personal and professional growth resonated deeply, sparking a fire of inspiration within each individual present. Our team left the event feeling invigorated, ready to tackle new challenges with renewed vigor. In addition to his captivating keynote, Jared introduced us to the transformative power of breathwork and meditation. Through these sessions, he skillfully guided our employees toward a state of mindfulness and inner calm. This invaluable practice not only allowed our team members to recharge and reduce stress levels, but it also cultivated a sense of unity and connectivity within the workplace. Jared's approachable nature and genuine passion for these practices made them accessible to everyone, regardless of prior experience. Recognizing the importance of employee well-being, Jared further demonstrated his commitment to our team's holistic development by leading virtual workout sessions. These sessions were particularly impactful, especially as they aligned with our employees' New Year's wellness resolutions. By combining physical activity with motivational coaching, Jared empowered our team to prioritize their health and wellness, ultimately fostering a positive and energetic work environment. Moreover, Jared went above and beyond by visiting our organization during Mental Health Awareness Month. During this crucial period, he facilitated additional workouts that served as a powerful reminder of the importance of mental well-being. His authentic and relatable approach helped destigmatize mental health conversations within our workplace, creating an environment where open dialogue and support flourished. Jared's inspiring, motivational, and down-to-earth character shines through in every interaction. His genuine care for our team's growth and his ability to connect with individuals on a personal level truly sets him apart. Under Jared's guidance, our team has experienced a profound transformation. Workplace motivation has soared, and a healthier lifestyle and mindset have become integral parts of our company culture. I wholeheartedly recommend Jared Rodriguez and Inspired Method to potential corporate clients seeking to ignite inspiration and transform their workplace culture. Jared's expertise and passion have the power to unlock the full potential of teams, driving motivation, and nurturing a thriving and healthy environment. If you are looking to empower your employees, foster personal and professional growth, and create a workplace that radiates positivity, Jared and Inspired Method are the perfect partners for your journey."

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