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Inspired Method Welcomes The Nation!

Remote Year, 
Unique Fitness & Wellness Opportunities Are Here!

Our bespoke approach is designed to support the digital nomad lifestyle.

Inspired Method Fitness will help you achieve your goals so that you stay on target no matter where you are in the world, no matter how much you're moving around, and regardless of what your timetable is looking like. With everything accessible online, we're ready to offer you custom 12-week fitness programs, accountability check in's, nutrition programs, and LIVE virtual bootcamps designed to work for elite athletes as well as true beginners. 


Our tested and proven Nutrition Program takes into account people on the move, those looking to get healthier, lose body fat, and build muscle with every available ingredient.  We're honored to offer you premium service, today.


Entrepreneur, thought leader, athlete, fitness model, holistic health/fitness creator, and community organizer. Jared comes from humble beginnings and those modest years helped ignite a deep hunger to serve his community and help others grow through fitness and elevated points of view.


With more than 18-years experience in the fitness industry, Jared's 4-pillar training system is transforming lives around the world. Jared's thoughtful yet no-BS approach of identifying the obstacles holding you back, gaining clarity on what your goals are, and helping you define why you want to achieve them separates his talents from the rest in the industry. It's about not settling for average and living an abundant life through fitness.

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Created by our founder and 18-year fitness pro, Jared Rodriguez, our 4-pillar system of Mobility, Strength, Cardio, and Lifestyle offers a transformative movement experience designed to help you hurt less, unleash your strength more, jog with ease and even joy, and sweat your was to a successful day. Everytime. 

I. Mobility

building & improving usable range of motion

II. Strength

your ability to produce force maximally or with endurance

III. Cardio

your ability to pump oxygen to your heart & lungs  

IV. Lifestyle

food, sleep, breath work, support, and playtime


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