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Feature in "Best Gyms in California" by Dive In

Are you a fan of fresh air and beautiful beach views?  Then, Inspired Method is the gym for you. Founded in 2017, Inspired Method’s mission is to create a safe space...


The Many Benefits of a Cable Crossover—And How To Perform It Properly

Where some movements are designed with heavy weight and massive amounts of power in mind, Tonal coach Jared Rodriguez, founder of the Inspired Method, says that cable crossovers...

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3 Latine Athletes Share Their Unique Stories of Finding and Building Strength

In celebration of Latine Heritage Month, Tonal coaches Frances Flores, Jared Rodriguez, and community member Conrad Rodas open up about overcoming challenges to follow their dreams.

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Coach Shares How to Keep Your Strength Gains and Enjoy the Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time of year to have a break, connect with loved ones, and indulge in all the delicious food coming your way. These healthy holiday tips will show you how to treasure all the festivities... 

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Santa Monica City: Certified Personal Trainer Jared Rodriguez brings a...

As a certified personal trainer accredited by the American Council of Exercise (ACE), Jared Rodriguez brings to the Palisades Park skyline a brand... 

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Preferred Partner Feature in

Santa Monica connects everything you love about the classic Southern California beach town with a vibrant cityscape full of adventure, art and style. Los Angeles’ coolest neighbor...

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How Jared Rodriguez Discovered the Strength to Find a New Passion

When Tonal coach Jared Rodriguez lost his passion for playing baseball, he found himself in a career in fitness. That very fitness gave him a new sense of purpose and contribution to his community and the fitness world. 

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9 Workouts to Help Lift Winter Blues

Be Present, Be Strong: This arm and core workout boosts energy and will make you sweat. Ignite your upper body while Coach Jared illustrates the power of breath and staying in the present. 

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Top 10 Strength Training Classes in Santa Monica

Their top-selling, co-ed, 60-minute, high intensity conditioning experience was built and designed by creator of Inspired Method, Jared Rodriguez. This full body workout experience...


Meet Jared Rodriguez:
Canvas Rebel Interview


It seems like yesterday I was playing baseball at San Diego State University; honestly, only still playing because 15 years of ball was all I knew. I wasn’t still playing because I loved it...

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7 Pre-workout Snacks That Tonal Coaches Swear By

“I love this because I get to have a sandwich, but I also get to cross the whole ‘eat your greens’ idea off the list,” says Coach Jared Rodriguez, adding that he substitutes hummus for mayo as his spread-of-choice.

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